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Tahiti Teahupoo 1999


Print size: 90cm x 60cm   ON SALE $59.95

Photographer: Steve Ryan

Description: "I’d been to Tahiti before, it was our honeymoon in ‘86, our new friend Carl showed us around the island, we loved it, but it was oh so expensive. I never went back until 1999 when the ASP was having the first ever CT event there called the Gotcha Tahiti Pro.

This day was the Trials event, it was going off, I didn’t know how it all worked and I got stuck at the point unable to get a spot on a photography boat. The conditions were perfect, I could see the spit coming out of the barrels from the point, it was a long 5 hours. Eventually I got the go ahead, and was put on a transfer boat, which took me to the Contest singlet boat that was a safe distance out to sea. Not good for me, you could barely see a thing, but could hear all the cheering and screaming from the channel. Eventually another boat came closer to us we which had been closer to the action, and I jumped ship, I was put up top we could see the takeoff, still too far out the back, after a while the Captain drifted in closer and all of a sudden I could see everything. We were in the zone! looking straight down the barrel, I was getting some killer shots. A big set came in and we were caught out of position, we were in trouble, the captain gunned the motor, (these aren’t speed boats) we just got over the set, just!!! Scary! Next thing the water patrol was over by our side, yelling at our captain, I don’t know what was said, but our captain slowly motored out to a safe distance and I was back to getting takeoffs only. In that previous hour or so, I did capture some great images."- Steve Ryan

Prints are Canson Infinty photo satin premium on archive paper, UV glare free.


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